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If you’re ages 50-63 and unemployed due to health issues, you may qualify for up to $2,861 per month, (plus back pay, health insurance, up to 85% off prescription drugs, and more! (Age 50 awards average $343,000 in lifetime benefits)

It’s Your Money!

Social Security Disability is not a handout. You paid for a disability insurance policy with money withdrawn from your paychecks (FICA) all the years you’ve worked. Discover how 200,000 Americans have avoided the long lines at the SSA, all the hassle, and confusion, filling out forms, chasing down their medical records and got APPROVED with our expert help!

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About 75% of people that apply on their own are denied.  It’s a fact that expert assistance simplifies the process, maximizes benefit award amounts, and improves chances of approval by about 40%!

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We assist applicants Nationwide. You must be expected to be unable to work for 12 months or more and not already receiving social security benefits to qualify for our assisted service.  Call us or submit the form below. (Note: Special rules apply and benefits may expire if you wait too long to claim them). Find out why we’re 97% customer recommended now!


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