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DisabilityForOver50 works with the largest and most respected Disability firms in America.

Our most experienced and specialized staff are completely dedicated to our clients ages 50-64, as special rules do apply. We process more than 15,000 requests for help monthly and our policy is simple; we only receive a fee if we win your case. You don’t pay us directly, the SSA pays us our fee on your behalf for assisting you. If your claim is not approved for any reason, we don’t receive a penny, so we do everything possible to get benefits approved! There is no money needed for our services, we provide free evaluations and contingency representation.

Once approved, the SSA will issue a one-time payment to us on your behalf from your past due benefits.  After that, the remainder of your past due benefits and on-going income you receive is 100% yours. This cannot exceed 25% or $6,000, whichever is the smaller amount. The one-time fee for claims we win historically averages around $1,941 and the average lifetime benefits we win (for a client age 50)  averages to $343,000. No wonder, 98% of DisabilityforOver50 clients recommend us.

Don’t risk losing lifetime benefits for you and your family by waiting too long, trying to do it yourself, or by using other services that aren’t experts in Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) for disabled Americans ages 50-64. Call us now at (866)-212-9856.


Don’t Make a $343,000 Mistake!

Your Age Back Pay* Lifetime Monthly Payments* Lifetime Insurance** Total Lifetime Benefits
50 $7,765 $242,000 $95,000 $343,000
Our Fee $1,941 $0 $0 $1,941
You Get $5,824 $242,000 $95,000 $343,000
60 $7,765 $99,000 $39,000 $146,000
Our Fee $1,941 $0 $0 $1,941
You Get $5,824 $99,000 $39,000 $144,000

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This is the estimated lifetime benefits you may receive with our help. Estimate only – not guaranteed.

*Actual average results from Social Security Administration & DisabilityforOver50
**2012 Survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation


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